CINACROS Was a project I launched fresh out of USC Film School. It became 1 of the most published Comic Books in Mexico’s history when The number 3 issue of Cinacros went back into printing after having sold out on the market 300,00 copies. It had a cover price of $8.00 MX Pesos equivalent back then to almost $1 USD. Today it has become a collector’s item selling on ebay and other collector’s items websites when available for up to $100.00 MX Pesos an issue about $10.00 USD.
I will always remember how Cinacros shaped the professional, businessman and still underneath my skin artist that I am today.
Thank you Cinacros for all the great memories. I still believe that somewhere in the infested crime reality of today’s Mexico there is a Cinacros inside everyone of us ready to fight crime and do the right thing for the country that we love so much!

Juan Arturo Lara Caravantes

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